General Terms and Prices


Kerns Verlag Tübingen | Kerns Publishing Tübingen, Münzgasse 12, D-72070 Tübingen, Germany, will process your order according to the general conditions listed below. Changes to these conditions can only be made after agreement between Kerns Verlag and the customer.

Purchasing Agreement

When you make an order in our Online-shop you will receive an email confirmation and summary of your order. The purchase is deemed completed only after the order has been shipped.

Prices and Shipping

Prices are those at time of order. They include the European Value Added Tax.

Bookseller discount: 1-9 copies 30%; 10+ copies 40%.

Delivery: DHL or as otherwise agreed ( Books sent overseas by airmail. Delivery can take 1-3 weeks depending on country of purchase. Delivery in Germany usually takes 1-2 days.

All purchases will be shipped immediately if in stock. If a book is not available, out of print or out of stock, we will inform you by email.

Returns Policy

You may return books without providing a reason within two weeks after receiving the order. Please return the order in close-to-perfect condition and in proper packaging to the following address: Kerns Verlag, Münzgasse 12, D-72070 Tübingen, Germany. Please allow 2-3 weeks confirmation depending on country where purchase was made.

When you send a purchase back that was as ordered, you will be responsible for shipping costs. In other cases, the publisher will reimburse you for shipping costs. Please contact Kerns Verlag for further information: or +49 (0) 7071 367768.

Protection of Privacy

Personal data, i.e., email and mailing address, will only be used to process your order. We will not allow third parties access to this information.

Conditions are set in accordance with German and European guidelines and restrictions.